What makes start-ups successful?

Ideas that solve specific problems are the seeds from which start-ups emerge and grow. But just as seeds develop roots and shoots only when they get the right soil, sunlight and water, start-ups too need a healthy ecosystem to nourish and protect them.

Beyond their vision and passion, entrepreneurs must be able to craft the right strategies that they must then implement efficiently. They must have easy, convenient and cost-effective access to the right tangible and intangible resources they need at different stages of their growth. At times, entrepreneurs need someone to hold up a mirror, ask the tough questions and guide them so that they can course correct if necessary. But not all start-up teams possess (or have access to) these vital ingredients.

Orygin seeks to provide and enable the above during the early stages of your venture. Come, be a part of our ecosystem. Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Make sure your first step is right.

About Fox Mandal and the Fox Mandal Foundation

Established in 1896, Fox Mandal is one of India’s oldest and well known full-service law firms. The Fox Mandal Foundation is a Charitable Trust established by the firm to for charitable purposes including helping young entrepreneurs.

What is Orygin?

Orygin is a sector-agnostic business incubator located in Bangalore’s central business district (right next to MG Road). Orygin is committed to support and enable entrepreneurs in fintech, analytics, e-commerce, healthcare or indeed any other space with the potential to transform society.

Our Partners

Our Mentors

Our Incubatees

The key differentiators


Continuous mentorship from cross-section of experts who handhold the startups throughout the incubation period. A lot of Startups fail to recognize the value of having a mentor to talk to or confide in. It makes a difference and can impact your business in very tangible ways.

Professional Services

A startup needs valuable inputs and guidance on protecting IP, Legal, Tax, Compliance etc. Orygin, drawing in from years of expertise from FM will guide startups in this journey which an important foundation for future growth.

Market Acceleration

Apart from Capital and Talent, the most critical aspect for a start-up is marketplace traction for its Beta product or Proof of Concept.  Orygin’s mentors and others supporting it have extensive connections in the corporate world, cutting across functions and industry sectors. This can help start-ups collate feedback on their products/services and build much-needed Market […]

More benefitS

Why Orygin : Incubator with a difference

Orygin is a sector agnostic business incubator that intends to cater to a variety of start-ups whether they are e-commerce, fintech, data analytics, SaaS or indeed, any other promising idea. Orygin is a catalyst that enables entrepreneurs improve their chances of success by providing them one-stop access to quality building blocks

An initiative of the Fox Mandal Foundation, Orygin benefits from its proximity to Fox Mandal (FM), a full-service law firm with over 120 years of legacy and multi-location practice.

Orygin plug-and-play office space and related facilities

Orygin also provides quick, convenient and seamless access to business services and opportunities to benefit from the experience and mentorship of credible professionals, many of whom are themselves successful entrepreneurs.

What else do we offer?

Orygin is a stone’s throw away from MG Road, a central location within Bangalore. Start-ups can minimise the time needed for intra-city commutes to meet potential customers, government departments, potential investors or others in the CBD areas

Orygin offers fifteen (15) desks in an open seating format. Additionally, there is one meeting room (seating capacity of 6) with telephone, white board etc.

Orygin may assist its incubators in applying for grants/funds from the state and central governments (provided the start-up is otherwise qualified to receive such funding).

So now do you want to participate ?

Our selection process is similar to what other incubators follow. Anyone interested to join Orygin is required to submit a simple form. Orygin’s team will get in touch with you if you are selected for further review.

Want to know more about the benefits?

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