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What makes start-ups successful?

Ideas that solve specific problems are the seeds from which start-ups emerge and grow. But just as seeds develop roots and shoots only when they get the right soil, sunlight and water, start-ups too need a healthy ecosystem to nourish and protect them.

Beyond their vision and passion, entrepreneurs must be able to craft the right strategies that they must then implement efficiently. They must have easy, convenient and cost-effective access to the right tangible and intangible resources they need at different stages of their growth. At times, entrepreneurs need someone to hold up a mirror, ask the tough questions and guide them so that they can course correct if necessary. But not all start-up teams possess (or have access to) these vital ingredients.

Orygin seeks to provide and enable the above during the early stages of your venture. Come, be a part of our ecosystem. Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Make sure your first step is right.

What is Orygin?

Orygin is a sector-agnostic business incubator located in Bangalore’s central business district (right next to MG Road). Orygin is committed to support and enable entrepreneurs in fintech, analytics, e-commerce, healthcare or indeed any other space with the potential to transform society.

In addition to plug-and-play workspaces and related amenities, the Orygin ecosystem offers seamless access to critical business support services (e.g. accounting, tax, secretarial, IP etc.). Experienced professionals and credible entrepreneurs work with the ventures we incubate and help them define/ refine business/ solution strategies, network with potential investors, pitch for capital, seek market validation, deepen customer relationships, make pivot decisions etc.

What facilities does Orygin offer?

1. Orygin currently offers fifteen workspaces in an open seating format. Additionally, there is a meeting room (seating capacity six) with telephone, white board etc. The entire facility has high speed wi-fi connectivity and uninterrupted power
supply as well as power back up. Pantry facilities are available as well.

2. Subject to availability and prior consent from FM, ventures being incubated at Orygin will be allowed access to the following resources at the law firm’s offices:
• Conference room (seating capacity of 15 people, with white board and projector facilities)
• Video Conference facility as also conference call/bridge facility to initiate and receive calls.

3. Orygin may assist the ventures it incubates to apply for grants/funds from the state and central governments (provided the start-up is otherwise qualified to receive such funding).

Orygin is more than an incubator

An initiative of the Fox Mandal Foundation, Orygin benefits from its proximity to Fox Mandal (FM), a full-service, multi-location law firm with a legacy of over 120 years. Start-ups incubating with Orygin have the unique opportunity to leverage FM’s network of clients from various industries and other professional associates to validate concepts/solutions, refine go-to-market plans and gain market traction. The ventures we incubate will also be able to drive market acceleration by drawing upon the professional networks of the mentors associated with Orygin.

During their incubation at Orygin, start-ups are eligible for special rates while availing of legal advice and support (e.g. on compliance, tax, documentation IP etc.) from FM and members of its ecosystem.
Unlike most other incubator programs, Orygin neither makes a token investment in the ventures it incubates; nor does it expect an equity stake. Therefore, founders retain complete equity stake (and control) in their ventures until external investors are brought in.

We chose the name “Orygin” for three reasons:

1. The word “origin” means “beginning” and we hope our incubator will be the beginning for many successful start-ups in the days ahead.

2. We chose to spell it with a “y” because we believe that Generation Y will spearhead India’s transformation through entrepreneurship.

3. The “in” represents innovation- a competence we believe to be essential for start-ups to succeed.

About Fox Mandal

Established in 1896, Fox Mandal is one of India’s oldest and well known full-service law firms. The firm has 10 offices across India.

Fox Mandal & The Fox Mandal Foundation

Fox Mandal offers advice and services in all major areas of law such as:

• Corporate Commercial (including Transaction Advisory)
• Employment & Human Resources
• Intellectual Property Rights
• Litigation & Dispute Resolution
• Real Estate & Infrastructure
• Tax Advisory

For more information, visit http://www.foxmandal.in

The Fox Mandal Foundation is a Charitable Trust established by the firm to conceptualize, develop and manage various philanthropic activities. The Foundation runs a finishing school for freshly-qualified law graduates and enables mentoring of start-ups through its association with SLP (the Startup Leadership Program), NUMA and other similar forums.

For more information, visit http://www.foxmandal.in/csr-2/