• Attach a pdf file containing the following information about the Founders and Co-Founders: Complete names and passport size colour photographs; their educational qualifications and work experience; names of any other ventures they are associated with. Also, where they are currently employed or are they working full-time on the venture. You may provide additional information that you believe will be useful to the Evaluation Committee.
  • Give us a sense of your venture. If you have a pitch deck, you may submit that. If not, submit a pdf file with answers to the following questions:
    • 1. What problem does your venture seek to solve?
    • 2. Who are your competitors?
    • 3. How is your venture different from competitors?
    • 4. How big do you think your target market is?
    • 5. Will your customers come mainly from India or outside?
    • 6. What is your proposed revenue model?
    • 7. How are you currently funding the venture?
    • 8. Since when have you (the founders) been working on this venture and at what stage are you? (e.g. brainstorming, have a business plan, have raised some angel funding, have begun work on prototype, already have paying customers etc.)?
    1. 1.       Number of seats: A maximum of 3 seats shall be initially allocated per start-up. Orygin shall, at its discretion, consider allocating additional seats later, subject to availability and satisfactory progress of the venture.
    2. 2.       Duration: Selected start-ups shall be allocated seats for a minimum period of three (3) months and maximum period of six (6) months. Extension may be considered under extenuating circumstances, and at the sole discretion of Orygin. Start-ups must make arrangements to vacate Orygin on or before the completion of their term unless an extension has been agreed in writing by both parties.
    3. 3.       Early exit: Start-ups choosing to exit the incubation centre before the expiry of its agreed term may do so by giving a one (1) month written notice. All dues must be cleared on or before the last date. No materials may be kept at Orygin after the last date. Orygin accepts no responsibility for any material that remains beyond the mutually agreed last date.
    4. 4.       Fees: A fixed fee of INR25,000 (Rupees Twenty Five Thousand only) excluding applicable taxes is chargeable per seat for three months. This covers seating, electricity, Wi-Fi connectivity, landline and front desk facility (not dedicated), water and pantry facility (coffee/tea/water). Wi-Fi connectivity is for a maximum of three devices (such as laptops/tablets /smartphones) per seat. Any other facility such as STD/ISD calls etc. shall be charged at actuals. The fees are payable in advance (at the time of starting) in one shot or through 3 or 6 post-dated cheques (depending on the term opted).
    5. 5.       Safeguarding tangible and intangible assets: Individuals and Start-ups are responsible for safeguarding their tangible and intangible assets (laptops, tablets, smartphones, business plans, drawings, IP etc.) including all confidential information. Orygin takes no responsibility for any loss of any material including what may constitute confidential information.
    6. 6.       Compliance with laws and policies: Every start-up and individual working from Orygin’s premises or using its facilities must comply fully with all its policies and prevailing laws of the land (e.g. Information Technology Act, Shops & Establishments Act, Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act etc.).
    7. 7.       Engagements with Mentors/Advisors/Service Providers: Orygin shall provide a panel of mentors/advisors to the start-ups. However, each start-up is free to select whichever mentor/advisor it wishes to engage with and is fully responsible for its engagement with such mentors/ advisors/ service providers (whether they are part of Orygin’s panel or not). Orygin shall not be held responsible in any manner for the relationship and engagement between start-ups and mentors/advisors/service providers.